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Ngāhere of Aotearoa

Plants are wise healers and teachers. They are gateways into other realms of consciousness. When we walk into the ngāhere (forest) there is a presence that runs at a different pace to us humans. This is the gift of Nature.

The earth is an ally to many pathways of healing, nuture, nourishment & sustainability. The plants & creatures that inhabit this incredible planet are bridges between the earth & divine.

Plants are our greatest and most ancient teachers, keepers of the sacred knowledge and the key to remembering as a species, who we are and why we are here.

Plant Medicine Offerings

harvesting manuka flowers

~ Herbal Tinctures ~

❀❀ A variety of blends to uplift, heal & cleanse the body mind & spirit ❀❀

All medicines are slow harvested, in alignment with the seasons & made following traditional folk medicine ways, in tune with rhythms of the earth, moon and sun.

~ ~ ~

Heart Song ~ A tincture for the heart and the songs that emerge from this epicentre of love. 50ml.

~ Rose (wild harvested, Waiheke Island)
~ Motherwort (organic from my garden)
~ Kawa Kawa (wild harvested, Waiheke)
~ Mimosa (wild harvested, Whaingaroa)
~ Hawthorne (wild harvested, Wanaka)
~ Pohutukawa (wild harvested, Waiheke)

~ ~ ~

Blood Moon ~ a tincture for menstruation, supporting womens moon time cycles and assisting with relieving pain & tension. Nurtures and relaxes the womb & body. Supports hormone balancing. 50ml.

~ Motherwort (organic from my garden)
~ Rose (organic from my garden)
~ Red Clover (wild harvested, Taranaki)
~ Mugwort (organic from my garden)
~ Yarrow (wild harvested, Akaroa)

~ ~ ~

Earth Weaver ~ A blend for grounding, clarity and focus. This tincture supports three important centres of the body ~ base, centre & crown. The base has grounding plants assisting us with keeping our roots down & anchored in the earth. Supports our physical & energetic boundaries. The centre has plants to nourish & support the livers function & cleansing. The crown has plants supporting focus, clarity and a fresh, clear mind. 50ml.

~ Motherwort (organically grown in my garden)
~ Mapacho (organically grown in my garden)
~ Dandelion (wild harvested, Waiheke Island)
~ Feverfew (organically grown in my garden)
~ Rosemary (wild harvested, Piha)
~ Yarrow (wild harvested, Akaroa)

~ ~ ~

Dream Walker ~ a magical tincture for opening the psychic & intuitive abilities, activating the deva dreamer and soaring to heights of the eagles eye to gain perspective & visionary insight. 50ml.

~ Mugwort (organically grown in my garden)

~ Wild Clematis (wild harvested, Waiheke)

~ Catnip (organically grown, Waiheke)

~ ~ ~

Celestial Moon ~ a beautiful nurturing blend for the spirit who needs a deep restful sleep. Plants that work on the nervous system, calming the mind & easing tension and anxiety in the body. 50ml.

~ Valerian (organically grown)
~ California Poppy (organically grown in my garden)
~ Lavender (wild harvested, Waiheke Island)
~ Liquorice (organically grown)
~ Rose (wild harvested, Waiheke)
~ Lemon Balm (organic from my garden)

TO ORDER: All orders through email

~ ~ ~

~ Sacred Tabaco ~

Sacred Peace Pipe (Chanupa) at Resolution Festival 2020

I work with sacred tobacco in many forms.

The medicine of Rapéh, from Brazil, in the Amazon jungle. I was initiated in 2018, by a Brazilian curandera and received further initiations during a trip to Brazil in 2019.

  • Rapéh is powdered tobacco with herbs from the Amazon jungle applied in each nostril. It is a beautiful and powerful cleansing medicine with a strong spirit to bring us teaching, grounding and cleaning.

The medicine of the Chanupa, the sacred peace pipe from Mexico. I was adopted into this tradition, through Dance de la Luna (Moon Dance) lineage in 2019.

  • The Medicine Pipe is an object used for prayer and cleaning the auric field using tobacco and intention.

~ My Plant Medicine Journey ~

I began working with plants from a young age, growing up on a farm and being in close relationship to the land. I was blessed to have grown up alongside trees, plants, oceans, animals & experienced raw, wild parts of Aotearoa, seeding a deep and sacred belonging to nature.

My exposure to alternative medicines was seeded as a child, growing up with homeopathy and home crafted medicines. My parents gardened & I experienced what it was like to feel the land provide for us.

I always had a love for healing & knowing how medicines helped us. I always loved learning about plants and their healing properties. About 5 years ago, I started working with etheogenic plants. These plants have been gateways into opening my consciousness & aligning my soul to its true north.

I was drawn to these plants for a deep longing of knowing who I was and why I was here. It was these powerful plants who opened consciousness & helped me heal wounds & traumas in my own body, both physical and ancestral, unlock gifts and reclaim my power.

From here I studied with power plants, learning from their wise & humbling ways. I developed a deep relationship with Tabacco and many others who I deeply respect, give thanks to and continue to serve and work with.

I began to work with plants whose voices are not as loud & their presence is not as widely known like the powerful etheneogenic plants. The plants who grow natively around us were calling me to learn their ways. I studied a shamanic herbal apprenticeship & began my journey reclaiming an ancient birthright as a witch, healer & alchemist of folk remedies and plant medicines.

~ ~ ~

A beautiful Sage harvested from Wingsong Sanctuary, Waiheke Island

– Study –

  • Plant Rhythms course with Amy McComb
    • Herbal Medicine diploma
    • Green Witch initiation
  • Poisonous Plant Medicine with Kathryn Solie
  • Gardener at Wingsong Sanctuary, Waiheke Island
    • Temple garden keeper and landscaper
    • Creating beauty within sanctuary space

Location Waiheke Island, Aotearoa Email Hours Instagram: ~ Personal Instagram: Brooke_Hayley ~ Facebook: Stone to Sky
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