Plant Medicine

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Rapéh Tinctures Baths

medicine From the forests, rivers, mountains, jungles – the plant kingdom.

Plants are a bridge between the heavens and earth. They are beings who are responsible for healing and remembering our ancient ways on this planet. Our teachers. Our guides. Our allies.

The plants speak to me through senses and subtle communication. The plants have taught me to use intuition and deep listening to receive their wisdom and connection. They are there to give me nourishment through teas, infusions and tinctures. They are beings who hold powerful teachings, able to take us into the realms of spirit, to bring understanding and fresh perspectives for healing.

As a gardener, green witch and plant spirit walker, my heart is devoted to the Plants. I am in service to their healing of this planet. I am in service to bring their wisdom and healing through to our bodies hearts and spirit.

I offer one to one ceremonies with the plant spirits. A personal consultation can establish what plants and modalities to work with during a session.

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Sacred Tabaco

Sacred Peace Pipe (Chanupa) at Resolution Festival 2020

I have several close plant allies. Tobacco is one of my closest allies. This plant, I deeply respect and intimately work with in ceremonies and throughout my personal life. This plant is a big part of my journey to returning home to my body, home to Earth.

I work with sacred tobacco in many forms.

The medicine of Rapéh, from Brazil, in the Amazon jungle. I was initiated in 2018, by a Brazilian curandera and received further initiations during a trip to Brazil in 2019.

  • Rapéh is powdered tobacco with herbs from the Amazon jungle applied in each nostril. It is a beautiful and powerful cleansing medicine with a strong spirit to bring us teaching, grounding and cleaning.

The medicine of the Chanupa, the sacred peace pipe from Mexico. I was adopted into this tradition, through Dance de la Luna (Moon Dance) lineage in 2019.

  • The Chanupa is an object used for prayer and cleaning the auric field using tobacco and intention.

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harvesting manuka flowers

As a green witch and gardener, one of my loves of healing is understanding ailments within the body and how to heal them. Growing with homeopathy from my mother and a curiosity for the way herbs work, I was naturally drawn to natural medicine from a young age. My inquiry led me to study under Amy McComb where I began the journey of connecting with the plants in their realm and making herbal medicines.

~ ~ Herbal Tinctures coming soon ~ ~

~ ~ ~

– Plant Bath –

A selection of plants for the flower bath

Tea, in the traditional form is a steeping of plant material in hot water. This process is similar and has a powerful effect on the body and spirit. It is used traditionally in the Amazon jungle to cleanse the auric field. To wash away any stagnant energies. To clean any dampening energies in and around the body. To close and seal off the auric field.

This is a powerful offering to use before and after ceremonies and rituals. It can also be used and prepared in daily life to bring a closer connection to the plants.

~ ~ ~

– Study –

A beautiful Sage harvested from Wingsong Sanctuary, Waiheke Island
  • Plant Rhythms course with Amy McComb
    • Herbal Medicine diploma
    • Green Witch initiation
  • Gardener at Wingsong Sanctuary, Waiheke Island
    • Temple garden keeper and landscaper
    • Creating beauty within sanctuary space

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