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~ Offerings ~

Ceremonial Music Sound BathGuided Sound Healing

‘sound is the medicine of the future’ – edgar cayce
Resolution Festival 2020 Photo Credit: Cadby Kong

As a ceremonial musician and sound healer. My offerings are complete with my beautiful instruments…

Crystal singing bowls, shruti Box, guitar, frame drum, chimes, bells, medicine drum, flute, shakers/rattles and my voice.

Used in spaces such as…

  • Sound Healing sessions (private)
  • Sound healing group sessions 
  • Sound journey and guided visualisation experience
  • Musician for sacred space – temples, ceremonies, yoga, dance and holistic events
  • Sacred song circles

Visit my Healing page for more details on the Sound Healing offerings x

In the comfort of home sound journey

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What is Ceremonial Music?

Music is a path to the heart. A path to prayer. A path to the divine.

Ceremonial Music is an offering that brings music to a space where respect, reverence and humility lives. Where song is a form of prayer, to give thanks to the creator for the life. Where healing can occur through intent and receptivity. Where creativity can erupt. A pathway the inner worlds to explore the internal landscape. 

I am a student of medicine music. Music that awakens our senses, to remember who and why we are here. To find beauty in our hearts, the beauty that lives in all flowering gardens upon this earth, within and without. Medicine music prays to the sacred beings and elements of this planet, the ancestors, this solar system, the unseen worlds… To Our great Mother Earth and Father Sky. To all of humanity. These prayers of for healing and remembrance of our truth.

Songs are sung from across the world. From the jungles of the Amazon to the deserts of Israel to the ice glaciers in the North. Music from our ancestors speaking their language of love and healing. I am a recipient and student, in service to this beautiful music. 

~ ~ ~

– Collaborations –

Since beginning my journey with music, I have participated and collaborated with many musicians at different events in New Zealand and abroad..

Burning Man 2017, SPLORE Festival 2016-2021, Voices of Sacred Earth, NZ Spirit Festival, Resolution Festival, Soul Festival, Luminate/Lunasa, Solrise.

Collaborated in projects – Ora.Vida.Life, sound journey and guided visualisation with Kāren Hunter, Sound bath for yoga, meditation and dance at numerous festivals with Chikaa, Splore house music team 2020/2021, backing vocalist for Kāren Hunter, Woven Talon, Osher River Oriyah, Matariki performance as singer and actor 2020.

I want to honour all of the teachers upon my path who have inspired and empowered me to find my voice, sing and share my gift with the world.

Osher River Oriyah, Andria Pablo Sanchez, Bárbara Berkenbrock, Franco Suarez, Kāren Hunter, Michael Moksha, Terra Viva familia, Josh Brainstormer and TeRangimarie Carter – deep love and gratitude for you all xx


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