Ceremonial Music

– Ceremonial Music – Shamanic Sound Journey –

‘Sound is the medicine of the future’ – Edgar Cayce

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What is Ceremonial Music?

Music is a path to the heart. A path to prayer. A path to the divine.

Ceremonial Music is an offering of song as a form of prayer. Where healing can occur through intent and receptivity. Where songs speak a language of healing and remembrance. Where sound creates new pathways to the inner worlds to explore these landscapes.

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– Projects –

Ora.Vida.Life is a collaboration between Brooke Hayley and Karen Hunter. This project includes two offerings, Shamanic Sound Journeys and reggae inspired dance music.

Ora.Vida.Life weaves ritual, dance and ceremony. Ora.Vida.Life create their own songs with the intention to share them openly and freely within the community. They honour and respect the songs from the lineages of their ancestors and the world community.

~ Shamanic Sound Journey ~

Together, Brooke and Karena hold deep reflective Shamanic Sound Journeys. They reference current astrological transits and align with plant spirits to honour the energies of the earth, the stars and the planets through songs, prayers and guided visualisation.

Through this musical offering they traverse the depths of Mother Earth and ascend to the highest of Father Sky. This experience is restorative and insightful, featuring crystal bowls, guitar, bells, flutes, jaw harp, frame drums, voices and medicine songs.

~ Gratitude ~

To all my wonderful teachers, my deepest humble thanks.

Osher River Oriyah, Andria Pablo Sanchez, Bárbara Berkenbrock, Franco Suarez, Kāren Hunter, Michael Moksha, Terra Viva familia, Josh Brainstormer and TeRangimarie Carter – deep love and gratitude for you all xx


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