Visionary Art

i am a vibrational artist bringing feeling and frequency into form


All of the Artwork is available as Prints, Tattoo Designs and commissions and come in a range of colours and sizes.

Contact me if any of the pieces resonate with you.

~ Why I Create ~

Nature speaks to me through sounds and rhythms. My art is in service to Mother Earth. To the divine, to beauty and to the unseen realms. To the inner landscapes of feeling and formlessness. Through creativity, I feel, move and express energy I perceive within and around me.

My hands, my voice, my body are divination tools into the subconscious – to the realms beyond our conceptual reality. I create to expand my awareness – to understand the world I see and feel through this earthly experience.

I create to remember the worlds I cannot see through the naked eye – exploring the energy hidden beneath the earth, within the plants, inside of the waters and in the heart. You can find me in the forest with the nature spirits, dancing to their rhythms, listening to their songs and languages spoken through the minds visionary eye.

What visions and messages are alive within my dreams? Who is showing up, to guide and teach me their ways? The earth is rich and full of inspiration and power. Beauty lives in leaf, in waves, in moments of presence.

In practice and poise, I am dedicated to the power of creativity. To the seed that birthed me into being, to the blood that I give every moon cycle, to the force responsible for the evolution of our species.

My heart offers it’s love through the devotion of art.

~ ~ ~

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~ ~ ~

– Exhibitions –

Exhibition at GreenSpace, Waiheke Island
Stone to Sky at GreenSpace, Waiheke Island
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