~ Moon Calendar 2023 ~

A calendar mapping the four lunation cycles of each month. Full, Waning, New and Waxing moons. Perfect for gardeners, astrologers & moon watchers.

Original artwork and design, hand drawn by Stone to Sky. Available A4 and A3 sizes.

If you are interested in stocking this design or having it in your home please contact me to order. They can be shipped across country.

~ Moon Calendar 2022 ~

Moon Calendar 2022 design.

~ Visionary Art ~

Shop through artwork collections for Prints, Tattoo Designs, Moon Calendars and commissions. Please contact me if any of the pieces resonate with you.

What is Art to me?

Stone to Sky – the bridge between earth & cosmos.
Interpreting the divine, beauty and the unseen realms.
Exploring the inner landscapes of feeling and formlessness.

My hands, my voice, my body are divination tools into the subconscious – to the realms beyond our conceptual reality. I create to imprint my experience of the world around and within me.

I create to remember the worlds I cannot see through the naked eye – exploring the energy hidden beneath the earth, within the plants, inside of the waters & in the heart.

You can find me in the forest, in the mountains, dreaming with the plants ~ interpreting languages spoken through the minds visionary eye.

~ ~ ~

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Location Waiheke Island, Aotearoa Email Hours Instagram: ~ Personal Instagram: Brooke_Hayley ~ Facebook: Stone to Sky
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