~ Brooke Hayley ~

Brooke hails from under a great mountain, listening to a call from the wild heart of Mother Earth. Nature speaks to her through sounds and rhythms. Her allies are the trees, her teachers are the plants, the mountains give her strength and the waters sanctify her spirit.

Brooke devotes herself to Papatūānuku and all her flowering children. To listen to the nature spirits & elementals, to learn her wise healing medicines and to receive the sacred songs from her heart. 

Brooke is a ceremonial facilitator, musician and artist, weaving ritual and earth based connection to create sacred space. At the heart of her work is service to the divine, beauty, humanity and Mother Earth.

~ ~ ~

– My Healing Journey –

Since returning home to my body, I have realised this is where the work is. To be in the body, is being of the Earth. I was filled with pain and suffering. I had lost my connection to my feminine, to my body and her rhythms and had destructive mental health, addictions and disconnection to my path and spirit. I was very ungrounded. The journey home to my body has bought me to focus on the heart. All the offerings I share, I have experienced and lived through. I have full and complete trust in this transformational healing work.

I am in deep gratitude to the plants, and live my life in devotion to these incredible beings. Plant medicine has been a significant part of growth, transformation and embodiment. I was fortunate enough to travel around the world to be with these plants and experienced their cultures, ceremonies and rituals. From Brazil to Mexico, I found myself under the initiation of great teachers and healers. I continue to study under the sacred plant medicines of the Amazon.

I am a student of the sacred Runes of the Nordic way. These beings are my connection to my ancestors of the North, in Poland, Russia and Germany. Along to the ancient Celts and through the deserts of Israel. My ancestors deeply inspire me to rediscover my lost roots and the memories of this ancient culture embedded within my blood and bones.

~ ~ ~

I currently reside on Waiheke Island and thrive through my work as a gardener. I am surrounded by a beautiful community and have many blessings from the Earth surrounding me. My daily practice keeps me grounded and consists of practicing music, drawing, walking with bare feet on the beach, sharing love with my brothers and sisters and connecting with the magical world of plants.

Arohanui ❀

Brooke x

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