~ Brooke Hayley ~

Brooke hails from under a great mountain, listening to a call from the wild heart of Mother Earth. Nature speaks to her through sounds and rhythms. Her allies are the trees, her teachers are the plants, the mountains give her strength and the waters sanctify her spirit.

Brooke is an artist, musician and ceremonial facilitator, weaving ritual and earth based living to connect with spirit. At the heart of her work is service to the plants, beauty, creativity, healing, empowerment and Mother Earth.

Brooke devotes herself to Papatūānuku, in service to the plants & medicines of the earth. To listen to the nature spirits & elementals, to learn her healing medicines, to reclaim our connection to her cyclic wisdom and rhythms.

~ ~ ~

I currently reside on Waiheke Island and am grateful to live in a home with a beautiful garden & community. My daily practice keeps me grounded and consists of practicing music, drawing, walking with bare feet on the beach, sharing love with my brothers and sisters and connecting with the magical world of plants.

Arohanui ❀

Brooke x

Location Waiheke Island, Aotearoa Email stonetoskycreations@gmail.com Hours Instagram: stone.to.sky ~ Personal Instagram: Brooke_Hayley ~ Facebook: Stone to Sky
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