~ Offerings ~

Visionary Art

The art of dreaming records the unseen, the invisible realms, the deep waters of our consciousness. I dream and vision images and stories of our Earth, of lands from distant futures and ancient memories. Explore my heart through visionary art here…

Ceremonial Music

Music is an essence of spirit, of the divine expressing itself through vibration and prayer. Music is the gift to heal and to bring one back to balance and harmony. Explore the offerings of ceremonial music through sound medicine, sound healing and sound baths.

Plant Medicine

Plants – they carry an ancient consciousness here to help humans remember, heal and connect to the Earth – and to the Earth that is our bodies. Holding wisdom for our hearts minds. For all our ailments and curiosities. Explore the Plants and my collaborative offerings with them…


I offer a range of healing to assist on all levels of cleaning, balancing and harmonising ourselves to the inner world and to the Earth. Aligning to the heart to stand strong and embodied in our power. I offer Sound healing, Plant medicine, herbalism, energy medicine, integration work, intuitive massage. Explore these offerings here…